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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Roundtable Goods, Houston, TX

We were given the opportunity to sell our items at Roundtable Goods here in Houston, TX.  Roundtable Goods is a local artisian store; all the items are handmade here in Houston.

The following are the pictures from the beginning of Roundtable Goods.


Nos presentaron la oportunidad de vender nuestros productos en Roundtable Goods aqui en Houston, TX.  Roundtable Goods es una tienda de manualidades; todos los productos tienen que ser hechos a mano aqui en Houston.

Las siguientes fotografias son el principio de Roundtable Goods.

      This picture has my items. ///////////   Esta fotografia tiene mis productos.


Roundtable Goods
238 W. 19th St.
Suite A-2
Houston, TX

Store Hours ///  Horario
Saturdays /// Sabados  - 10am-6pm
Sundays /// Domingos - 1pm-5pm

Thank you /// Muchas gracias



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Order forms are also available at:

Roundtable Goods
238 W. 19th St.
Suite A-2
Houston, TX

Store Hours:
Saturdays - 10am-6pm
Sundays - 1pm-5pm

Thank you.